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The World infections number is approaching 200 million mark

There are now 197.4 million Covid-19 infections recorded worldwide. This is apparent Saturday from current data collected by Johns Hopkins CSSE.

Today, the total number of infections in India was 31.6 million. The number of deaths was 423,810.

The United States still has the largest number of Covid-19 cases, with almost 35 million today. The number of deaths here is 613,015.

Brazil remains the third country worldwide in terms of infections, with around 19.9 million cases and 555,460 deaths.

In Western Europe, France has the highest number of infections with now almost 6.2 million. The United Kingdom has 5.9 million cases. Italy has 4.3 million, Spain 4.4 million and Germany moves towards 3.8 million.

In the Netherlands, the number of official infections now stands at 1,892,281 compared to 1,888,741 a day earlier. In Belgium, the number of cases currently stands at 1 124 715. That was 1,122,951.

In China, the first country to report coronavirus cases at the end of 2019, 104,973 cases of infection have now been recorded. That was Friday 104,916.

According to Johns Hopkins data, 4.2 million people worldwide have died of the virus. Over four billion vaccinations have been administered.

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