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Storm Eunice is a success story for Big Jet TV

After dozens of flights through London’s major airports were cancelled, more than 200,000 people came to watch a live broadcast on YouTube Airplanes Landing at London Heathrow Airport.

The planes could be seen with strong gusts of wind as they hit the ground, some swaying in the air, others sliding from side to side as soon as they hit the runway.

The video, on Big Jet TV, was accompanied by a comedic commentary by announcer Jerry Dyer, who entertained the viewers by encouraging the pilots and saying, “Come On Dude, you can do it!”

Avcik Dyer Big Jet TV on YouTube the channel is trending on social media and reached Number Two on Twitter in the UK, with one of its signature phrases when planes hit the ground, “bosh”, at number three.

As Dyer followed the Qatar Airways A380 that made two frustrating landings and arrived for the third and final time – which was a success-more than 230,000 people watched its live broadcast from a field outside the airport.

Separately, more than 53,000 people followed the path of the aircraft on Flight Radar 24 as it circled the British capital as it attempted to land.

Dyer’s website even went off the air as thousands tried to follow him.

Dyer, who lives near Heathrow Airport, broadcasts live from Heathrow every Wednesday, but rushes to the airport to film in bad weather, he told CNN earlier this month, when his video appears to be from a plane. with his tail. During a stalled landing, it went viral.

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