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Google to answer in Supreme Court for unauthorised data collection

Google is being sued in the British Supreme Court by a collective headed by businessman Richard Lloyd. ​Which claims that the internet giant has tracked data from millions of iPhone users. The collective is demanding compensation of billions of pounds.

The British collective headed by Richard Lloyd claims that Google has illegally extracted personal data from iPhone users. This is by tracking internet history and using it to sell a profitable, targeted advertising service.

On the first day of a preliminary two-day hearing in the UK, Google’s lawyer, Antony White, said that such a class action lawsuit, as is often held in the United States, can only continue in the UK if victims of the data breaches themselves go to court.

‘I am not saying that the loss of data cannot have serious consequences, but it is not the case that it always gives the right to compensation” — adds Anthony White.

So the lawsuit on behalf of more than five million iPhone users is mainly about what compensation should be paid to consumers. The multiple data breaches can be used as evidence to claim that compensation. It would be over GBP 3 billion.

“Google earns billions of pounds each year in advertising revenue based on consumer data,” says Lloyd in a statement to the US press. ‘It is logical that when they take advantage of and misuse personal data, they are called to account.’

Lloyd not only has Google in his sights, other internet giants are on his radar. He told us that Facebook, TikTok and YouTube could also expect a lawsuit. If the trial did go ahead, it could be a tsunami of lawsuits.

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