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Europeans will not be charged with mobile roaming fees

VodafoneZiggo and T-Mobile will not charge any additional roaming charges for calls and internet charges to Dutch travellers in the United Kingdom as of 1 January. Because of the Brexit, the cost of roaming in Britain can change in principle, but many telecom companies are not going to make any changes for the time being.

T-Mobile indicates that “nothing will change our services for the time being”. At VodafoneZiggo, ‘in 2021 Brexit has no impact on roaming costs when used in the United Kingdom’. Earlier, KPN announced that everything will remain the same for the time being.

Telecom companies may not charge additional costs to customers who text, call or surf the internet in another EU country. However, for Britain the situation is changing: on 1 January, the transitional period in which EU rules still apply to the United Kingdom will come to an end. In theory, telecom companies will be able to charge roaming charges. Roaming means a phone connects to a foreign network.

Belgian providers will not change their roaming charges for the time being either. And British providers have already indicated that they will not charge roaming fees for British people travelling to the European Union. It is not clear how long this situation will last.

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