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Europeans in UK have roaming for free, but Britons in EU are charged for services

For the time being, Europeans do not have to pay any additional costs if they roam in the UK. Conversely, British providers will charge extra if British people in European countries use mobile internet.

KPN operator says that ‘roam like home’ continues to apply in the UK, just as it does in some other countries outside the EU like Iceland and Switzerland. Spokesperson Gerd De Smyter:

We buy roaming from UK mobile operators and these agreements will remain valid for the time being. We do not know what will happen in the future and will also depend on future negotiations, but that is not the case for the time being.

Vodafone also says there will be no roaming charges for the time being when visiting the UK. Spokesperson Gerjan van der Laan:

With us, the UK is subject to the EU tariffs as stated on our website. Should anything change in the future, we will of course inform our customers.

T-Mobile has not responded to questions from Tweakers, but it says on the website that the rules for the UK are still unchanged.

Conversely, roaming charges are returning for Britons travelling to the EU countries. Vodafone UK does so for cheaper subscriptions only and only for new subscribers as of January next year. EE will do so for all new subscribers, also as of January next year. The other two UK providers, O2 and Three, have not reduced roaming charges. However, they lowered the limit on how much data their customers in European countries can store without paying extra.

Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson is a native of Leeds, journalist and PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow. She is mainly interested in foreign affairs, geopolitics and investigative journalism.

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