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Portugal demands a stable arrival rules for travellers

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa has been irritated by the United Kingdom, which is forcing Portuguese travellers to return to quarantine for ten days after their arrival. Britain recently announced that it would remove Portugal from the ‘green list’ of countries that are not subject to quarantine, even though it has only been on it for a few weeks.

,,We cannot use this unstable system that changes every three weeks,” Costa said Sunday. It is not good for those who plan their holiday and not for the holiday industry, he said.

Costa said that Portugal will continue to talk to the UK to make it clear ‘that the decision is not justified’ and to highlight its economic damage.

The Portuguese prime minister hopes that the United Kingdom will also participate in the European coronavirus passport system, which is expected to start on 1 July. Such a certificate shows whether a traveller has been vaccinated, tested negative, or protected by antibodies from a previous infection. This should make it possible to travel freely across Europe.

Since Portugal relaxed its coronavirus measures last month, the prevalence rates in the country have increased slightly.

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