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Meghan Markle tells about miscarriage that happened this summer

Meghan Markle (39) is bringing out the sad news today that she had a miscarriage. Prince Harry’s wife (36) does this in a special opinion paper in the New York Times, hoping to break the taboo about losing a child.

“While I was holding my first baby, I knew I was gonna lose my second.”

Meghan writes that it happened in July just after doing some work with her little boy Archie. “After I changed his diaper, I felt a sharp cramp. I fell to the ground with him still in my arms. To keep us calm, I hummed a lullaby. “The happy song, according to Meghan, was a stark contrast to what had just happened. “As I held my first baby, I knew I was going to lose my second.”

The Duchess of Sussex was hospitalized. “Hours later, I lay in a hospital bed holding my husband’s hand. I felt his moist hands and kissing the outside of his hand. This one was wet with all the tears.”

According to Meghan, losing a child is the most unbearable form of grief and yet few people talk about it. She and Harry found out that if there were a hundred women in one room, ten to twenty of them had miscarriages. “Despite this common pain, the conversation about it remains taboo.”

She follows the example of women who preceded her. “Some have bravely shared their story. They opened the door, knowing that if someone tells the real story, others will follow.” Meghan stresses in her opinion paper that it is always important to ask how people are really doing. “If they really listen to our answers, the grieving process becomes lighter. For all of us. If we share our pain together, we can heal together.”

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