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High inflation worries the apple and pear growers

On May 12, British Apples and Pears hosted a webinar for retailers and traders dedicated to the 2022 season. This year, the British apple season will officially start on October 3rd.

Ali Capper, executive chairman of British Apple and Pears (BAPL), spoke about the fact that the hard fruit sector always has to find the balance between risk and reward and how this balance is now threatening to strike in the wrong direction. She said that the weather normally causes growers the most headaches, but that rising inflation is now their biggest concern. The costs for labour, energy and logistics have recently seen a three-digit increase.

Cost increases have always been there, but thanks to productivity increases and stable prices, growers were always sure of sufficient income. However, this has now changed. Ali explained that the UK has the opportunity to become self-sufficient, but there are also great challenges.


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