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Leeds: there will be no Freedom day on 21 June

The relaxation of the coronavirus measures in the UK is likely to be delayed by four weeks. Prime Minister Johnson is expected to announce it today. The reason for this is the concern about the rapidly increasing number of infections with the Delta variant (the Indian variant). This coronavirus variant, according to scientists, is 60 percent more contagious than the Alpha variant, the British.

The number of infections in the United Kingdom has increased by 50 percent last week compared to the previous week. The number of hospitalisations has also increased. Another reason for postponing the relaxations is that even more people can be vaccinated in those four weeks.

The February British roadmap stated that the last restrictions would not be lifted before 21 June. That’s going to be even later now. This means that cafes, clubs and other catering establishments are not yet allowed to open completely. According to the BBC, nightclubs remain completely closed. People are also encouraged to work at home if possible.

Johnson did not want to prejudge the decision yesterday at the end of the G7 summit. The whole package will be announced at a press conference today, he said.

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