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Leeds company shifts from traditional working week to four-day workweek in the middle of a pandemic

A Leeds company has introduced a four-day working week in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Punch Creative, in Pudsey, has shifted from the traditional working week for a new model that works to boost creativity, wellbeing and an improved work-life balance.

The communications agency had considered this in the past but only implemented the change in July after the pandemic made them push for better work culture.

The staff now work slightly longer hours during the week but have a long weekend every week which co-director Richard Lowes says has had a positive difference on creativity and productivity.

He said: “It’s something that we’ve been talking about and thought about in the past. We’ve all seen the statistics in other countries that have the same approach to work and life balance.

“Covid-19 shock up our thinking on many things especially in our working culture and it seems like our attitudes to work are outdated.

“Our agency runs on ideas, so it makes sense that our focus is to create an environment where everyone is in the best place possible to be creative for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

“Working as a creative can be mentally draining and you can burn out, you need to be refreshed to do your best work.

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