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Wage for British field workers in the broccoli sector now stands at over 65,000 per year

T. H. Clements and Son’s field jobs are non-seasonal and there is work all year round. They are now recruited for 30GBP/hour-which amounts to € 280/day or €1,400/week. The monthly salary for a full-time job would amount to € 5,600 and an annual salary of € 72,860/year.

The proposal comes amid a shortage of fruit and vegetable pickers due to the COVID-19 crisis and Brexit problems. As a result, migrant workers will no longer be able to travel to the UK to work there. In the country itself, not enough Britons have applied for the positions, which increases wages due to high demand.

T H Clements and Son, based in Boston, posted a vacancy that said: “We are looking for field workers to harvest our cabbage. Excellent piecework rates with possibilities to 30 GBP  per hour to earn and year-round work available.”

Robert Newbery, regional director of the National Farmers’ Union, said:” Brexit certainly has an impact. The people who used to be able to travel freely within Europe can no longer do so.”

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