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Ten million Brits got their third shot, but the number of infected seems to be unaffected

The UK has crossed the 10 million booster shots count. This means that 17.5 percent of the population from the age of 12 has already had a third prick. The first boosters were set in September.

In total, around 13 million people have received an invitation for an additional vaccination. They’re sent to people over the age of 50 and at-risk groups. Next week, another 3 million people can expect an invitation to the mat. The third dose of a Coronavirus vaccine follows at least six months after the second injection.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls on people to respond to the milestone on their boosters.

“We know that vaccine immunity decreases over time, so boosters are vital to protecting you and your loved ones through the winter,” Johnson said on Twitter. “Please get this life-saving shot as soon as you receive a call.”

In the UK, more than 50.2 million people have received at least one dose of COVID vaccine, or 87.4% of the eligible population. More than 45.8 million people (79.7 percent) have had two shots and are therefore fully vaccinated. In the UK, people aged 12 and over are vaccinated against Covid-19.

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