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Regional lockdown rules cause tension

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have for years been about their own public health and thus the food to determine their own coronation policy. But where they were still largely following the London line during the spring lockdown, the differences are now enormous. It shows that Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister of England and less of the whole of the United Kingdom in this crisis.

Take Wales, the British region which rarely collides with the rains in London. The Welsh Labour Prime Minister, Mark Drakeford, announced a complete closure of at least seven days per Friday.

“We need hands now. If we do not do this now, there is a great risk that our care will not be able to cope with it,” said Drakeford.

Only Wales will do exactly what Johnson is against. Johnson has opted for a traffic light system, where measures by region depend on cormorants. Johnson’s Conservative Party is strongly opposed to a new lockdown, fearing the economic consequences. And so the situation is that the west of the United Kingdom is completely locked, while just across the border with England restaurants and shops are still open. The city of Cardiff has even decided that English may only cross the Welsh border if strictly necessary.

Scotland has been drawing on its own plan for a long time. Throughout the corona pandemic, the Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the independent SNP, has been striking at the continuing death of the same person as Johnson. Is Johnson coming up with a three-level stoplight system? Then comes Sturgeon with five levels. Johnson says the money from mouth caps is just a piece of advice? Then Sturgeon makes them mandatory.

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