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RAF Voyager is about to turn into the most British plane ever

Sadly nothing comes for free when it considers planes and the national pride. RAF Voyager, the official strategic air transport in its original form is dull beige. It makes sense to repaint in national colours despite it belongs to Royal Air Force. But the price tag for the paint job caused a critics to wake up and mumble about the alternative usage of the budget.

The aircraft used by the British Royal Family and Prime Minister Boris Johnson gets a patriotic paint job. The RAF Voyager is repainted in the colours of the British national flag: red, white and blue.

Due to the paint job, the jet should become a better sign for the United Kingdom, which left the European Union earlier this year. It may soon “represent the UK better for the rest of the world,” said Prime Minister Johnson’s spokesperson.

Opposition parties are less pleased with the plan, which has a price tag of £900,000. Layla Moran of the Liberal Democrats called the decision a “colossal waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Louise Haigh of the largest opposition party Labor expects that citizens will also question the costs because of the corona crisis. “Families across the country are now worried about their children’s work, health and education.”

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