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Freedom day looms, mask duty is abandoned: will it backfire?

It is announced as the day of freedom. Almost all COVID restrictions are lifted in England today, as infections rise. No other country has released the brakes in such circumstances. In London, doctors warn of a COVID explosion. Beyond that, England’s experiment is condemned as a threat to global health, and the English themselves are unsure of what to do.’

In the United Kingdom today is Freedom Day, the day when the British government is abandoning the last coronavirus restrictions. For example, there is no more Mask duty and also the one and a half meter rule is released. Also, everyone is allowed to go to nightclubs and events without an entrance test or vaccination certificate.

The World Health Organization is now calling it irresponsible to let go of the restrictions. The number of coronavirus infections is also increasing in the United Kingdom. It’s 50,000 a day. Prime Minister Johnson warns to be cautious.

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