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Buckingham Palace’s chef shared the Christmas pudding

Buckingham Palace’s chefs shared their recipe for traditional Christmas pudding on Sunday through the British royal family’s Instagram account. On Stir-up Sunday, the last Sunday before the advent age, many British traditionally make a sweet snack.

“Today is Stir-up Sunday: the Sunday before the advent time when home cooks stir their pudding mix and start the countdown to Christmas,” is next to the explaining video.

“This year, chefs in the royal kitchens shared their recipe for a traditional Christmas pudding. We hope you enjoy making the pudding at home.”

The tradition comes from the Anglican Church. British families make dessert on the last Sunday before the advent time, which they reheat on Christmas Day.

Often parents teach their children how to prepare the pudding. Everyone gets to stir and make a wish for the next year. Some British people hide silver coins in the pudding mix, which are supposed to bring the Finder luck.

The Royal Variety includes raisins, beer, brown rum and brandy. But the pudding can also be prepared without alcohol for those faint-hearted infidels. According to the cooks, orange juice or cold tea are the best alternatives.

Enjoy the royal recipe!

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