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Brits protest against high fuel prices.. by driving their cars

A group of Britons have had enough of the high fuel prices and have decided to start a protest action. The ‘driving blockades’ on various roads in the United Kingdom have been spotted. Cars drive side by side to slowly but surely (almost) bring traffic to a standstill in all lanes. In some cases it would still be driven, but there are also situations in which the cars are stopped completely. Among other things, the M4 from London to Wales and the M5 between Bristol and Birmingham are affected. The government is calling on activists not to disturb people’s daily lives. Also, citizens are advised to work at home as much as possible because of the delays.

In the United Kingdom, a litre of petrol currently costs an average of around €2.22. Diesel is more expensive, with an average of around €2.31 per litre. Campaigners are calling for a further tax cut on fuel. In March, there was a tax reduction of 5 pence (converted €0.06) per litre. Since then, however, fuel prices have risen almost exclusively in the UK and partly due to the weak pound against the US dollar, falling oil prices cannot yet turn the tide. Sky News spoke to a campaigner, who says she had to resign because it was no longer possible to pay to drive to work. At another job in the transport sector, she was subsequently fired, as the transport company in question has to shrink due to the high cost of fuel.

According to Sky News, the UK Government is considering further burden relief. UK Finance minister Rishi Sunak says he is looking into a “more substantial” tax cut on fuel.

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