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Brexit deal may be reached this weekend

In the Brexit negotiations progress is being made, the British education minister Gavin Williamson said. According to European diplomats, a deal could even be made next weekend.

Williamson did stress that the United Kingdom will not agree to a deal that goes against British interests.

“We only sign an agreement that is good for the UK,” he said. “If there is no such deal, we will not sign it.”

Although the two parties are approaching an agreement, there are still important stumbling blocks. That is what Michel Barnier, the Brexit negotiator on behalf of the EU, would have said. It concerns Access for European fishermen to British waters, equal opportunities for British and European companies and monitoring compliance with the agreements made.

On Thursday or Friday, the Brexit negotiators reportedly assess the progress they have made. According to a source close to the negotiations, the next 24 to 48 hours are “crucial” to making a deal.

The UK is leaving the European Single Market on 31 December. The transition period following the departure from the EU will end. If there is no deal, the two parties fall back on WTO Trade Organisation rules, resulting in import duties on many products. Experts consider this to be an economic disaster scenario.

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